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uk /pɪtʃ/ us /pɪtʃ/

pitch noun (SPORTS FIELD)

B2 [ C ] UK US field an area painted with lines for playing particular sports, especially football

a football/hockey/cricket pitch 足球/曲棍球/板球場
Supporters invaded (= ran onto) the pitch. 球迷都跑進了球場。

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pitch noun (LEVEL)

[ C or U ] the level or degree of something

The piano and organ were tuned to the same pitch (= note). 鋼琴和風琴被調校到同一音調上。
If you teach children and adults in the same class, it's difficult to get the pitch (= level of difficulty or interest) right. 如果你把孩子和成人放在同一個班裡教,就很難完全找出適合學生的難度和他們的興趣。

[ S ] the level of a feeling

By this time their disagreement had reached such a pitch that there was no hope of an amicable conclusion. 此時,他們的歧見已大得不可能善罷甘休。
The children were at fever pitch (= very excited) the day before the party. 派對的前一天孩子都特別興奮。

pitch noun (PERSUASION)

[ C ] a speech or act that attempts to persuade someone to buy or do something

The man in the shop gave me his (sales) pitch about quality and reliability. 商店裡的那個男人向我大談最高品質,信譽可靠之類的推銷行話。
She made a pitch for the job but she didn't get it. 她竭力爭取這份工作,但沒有成功。
[ + to infinitive ] The city made a pitch to stage the Olympics. 該市竭力爭取主辦奧運會。

[ C ] UK a place in a public area where a person regularly sells goods or performs

The flower seller was at his usual pitch outside the station. 那個賣花人就在車站外他平時的攤位上。

pitch noun (SLOPE)

[ S ] the amount of slope, especially of a roof

This roof has a very steep/high/gentle/low pitch. 這個屋頂很陡/坡度很大/相當平緩/坡度很小。

pitch noun (BLACK SUBSTANCE)

[ U ] a thick, black substance that was used in the past to make wooden ships and buildings waterproof


pitch noun (BASEBALL)

[ C ] a throw in a baseball game

a good/bad pitch 好/差的投球

pitch noun (TENT)

[ C ] UK US site the piece of ground on which you can put up a tent, park a caravan, etc.

We chose a large level grassy pitch for our caravan. 我們選了一片大而平坦的草地停下我們的旅行拖車。


uk /pɪtʃ/ us /pɪtʃ/

pitch verb (MOVE)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to move or be moved suddenly, especially by throwing or being thrown

She pitched the stone into the river. 她把石頭扔到河裡。
The ball pitched (= landed) short. 球投到了不遠處。
The bike hit a rut and I was pitched (forward) onto the road. 腳踏車卡進地上的車轍凹痕,我重重地(向前)摔在路上。
The ship pitched up and down/from side to side in the rough seas. 船在洶湧的海浪裡上下/左右顛簸。

pitch verb (BASEBALL)

[ I or T ] in baseball, to throw a ball towards the player with the bat in order for them to try to hit it

Who will be pitching first for the White Sox this evening? 今晚誰是白襪隊的第一個投球手?

pitch verb (TENT)

B2 [ T ] to put up a tent and make it ready to use

We pitched camp/our tent in the shade. 我們在陰涼處紮營/搭起帳篷。

pitch verb (LEVEL)

[ T ] to express or set something at a particular level

The tune was pitched (= the notes in it were) too high for me to reach the top notes. 調定得太高,我唱不上去。
A teacher's got to pitch a lesson at the right level for the students. 老師必須把課程的難易度定得與學生的水準相符。

pitch verb (PERSUADE)

[ I or T ] mainly US to try to persuade someone to do something

She pitched her idea to me over a business lunch. 她在一次吃商業午餐時竭力遊說我接受她的想法。
They are pitching for business at the moment. 目前他們正在招攬生意。

pitch verb (SLOPE)

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