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uk /pleɪs/ us /pleɪs/

place noun (AREA)

A1 [ C ] an area, town, building, etc.

Her garden was a cool pleasant place to sit. 坐在她的花園裡真是涼爽宜人。
What was the name of that place we drove through on the way to New York? 我們開車去紐約路上經過的那個地方叫甚麼名字?
They decided to go to a pizza place. 他們決定去比薩店。
There are several places of interest to visit in the area. 該地區有好幾處旅遊勝地值得參觀。
It's important to feel comfortable in your place of work. 在工作場所感覺舒坦是很重要的。

A2 [ C ] informal a home

I'm looking for a place to live. 我在找住的地方。
We'll have the meeting at my place. 我們將在我家開會。

[ S ] a suitable area, building, situation, or occasion

University is a great place for making new friends. 大學是結交新朋友的好地方。
[ + to infinitive ] This meeting isn't the place to discuss your problems, I'm afraid. 恐怕這個會議不是談論個人私事的場合。

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place noun (POSITION)

[ C ] a position in relation to other things or people

His leg was broken in two places. 他腿上有兩處骨折。
When you've finished, put the book back in its place on the shelf. 你看完之後把書放回書架上原來的位置。
This plant needs a warm, sunny place. 這株植物需要放在一個溫暖有陽光的地方。
Will you keep my place (in the queue) (= allow me to come back to the same position)? 你幫我佔著(排隊的)位置好嗎?
She spoke to me and I lost my place in the book (= I forgot where I had been reading). 她和我說話,我忘了書看到哪裡了。
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B1 [ C ] the seat you will sit in on a particular occasion, or the seat where you usually sit, in the theatre, a class, a train, etc.

My ticket says 6G but there's someone sitting in my place. 我的票上印的座位號碼是6G,但已經有人坐在我的座位上了。
The children collected their prizes and then went back to their places. 孩子們領了獎品後都回到自己的座位。
Save me a place (= keep a seat for me until I arrive) near the front. 在靠前面的地方替我留個座位。

[ C ] the space at a table where one person will sit and eat, usually with a plate and knives, forks, and spoons arranged on it

The waiter showed us to our places and gave us each a menu. 侍者把我們引領到我們的位子去,給了我們每人一份菜單。
He laid six places at the table. 他在桌子旁擺放了六張座椅。

B1 [ C ] a position in an organization, system, or competition

She's got a place at university 她在大學裡找到一個職位。
UK She's got a place on a fine-arts course. 她得到一個教美術的教職。
US She's got a place in a fine-arts course. 她得到一個教美術的教職。
Our team finished in second place. 我們隊獲得了第二名。
He took third place (= was the third to finish) in the marathon last year. 他在去年的馬拉松比賽中獲得了季軍。

[ C ] US used after words such as "any" and "some" as a different way of saying "anywhere", "somewhere", etc.

(用於 any,some 等詞後)任何地方,某個地方
I know I left that book some place - now, where was it? 我知道我把書放在某個地方了,但是在哪裡呢?
That bar was like no place I'd ever been before. 那酒吧和我去過的任何地方都不同。
take place

B1 to happen

The concert takes place next Thursday. 音樂會下星期四舉行。
out of place

C2 in the wrong place or looking wrong

The boy looked uncomfortable and out of place among the adults. 在大人中間那個男孩顯得很不自在,格格不入。
in place

C2 If something is in place, it is in its usual or correct position.

The chairs are all in place. 椅子都擺在合適的地方。
He screwed the shelf in place. 他把架子釘在合適的位置。

C2 organized

The arrangements are all in place for the concert next Thursday. 下星期四音樂會的各項籌備工作已全部就緒。
in place of sb/sth

B2 instead of someone or something

You can use margarine in place of butter in some recipes. 有些食譜裡,你可以用人造牛油代替牛油。
take the place of sb/sth

B2 to be used instead of someone or something


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place noun (DUTY)

[ U ] what a person should do or is allowed to do, especially according to the rules of society

[ + to infinitive ] It's not your place to tell me what to do. 你無權告訴我該怎麼做。
I'm not going to criticize his decision - I know my place (= I know that I am of lower rank or have less authority). 我並非想指責爵爺大人——我很清楚自己的地位。


uk /pleɪs/ us /pleɪs/

place verb (POSITION)

B2 [ I or T ] to put something in a particular position

She placed the letter in front of me. 她把信放在我面前。
She placed her name on the list of volunteers. 她把自己的名字寫在志工名單上。
I'd place him among the ten most brilliant scientists of his age. 我會把他列入他那個時期最傑出的十位科學家之列。
[ + obj + adj ] The horse was placed first/second/third in its first race (= finished the race in first/second/third position). 那匹馬在首場比賽中獲得第一/二/三名。
place an advertisement, bet, order, etc.

C1 to arrange to have an advertisement, bet, order, etc.

We placed the order for the furniture six weeks ago. 我們六個星期前訂購了這件傢俱。
They were placing bets (= gambling) on who would win. 他們在打賭誰會獲勝。
place emphasis, importance, etc. on sth

C2 to give something emphasis, importance, etc.

She placed the emphasis on the word "soon" in order to make sure was understood. 她強調了 soon 這個詞。
He placed importance on a comfortable lifestyle (= it was important to him). 他十分重視舒適的生活方式。

[ T ] to find someone a job

The students are placed in/with companies for a period of work experience. 學生被安排在公司裡實習一段時間。

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place verb (RECOGNIZE)

[ T ] to recognize someone or remember where you have seen someone and how you know them

She looks familiar but I can't place her - did she use to work here? 她很面熟,但我記不起來了——她以前在這裡工作過嗎?

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