Translation of "plain" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective (WITH NOTHING ADDED) 未添加任何東西 uk us /pleɪn/

not decorated in any way; with nothing added

She wore a plain black dress. 她穿著一件樸素的黑色連身裙。
We've chosen a plain carpet (= one without a pattern) and patterned curtains. 我們挑了一張沒有圖案的地毯和帶圖案的窗簾。
He prefers plain food - nothing too fancy. 他喜歡清淡簡單的食物——不喜歡太花巧講究的。
We're having plain blue walls in the dining room. 我們現在客廳裡的牆壁是純藍色的。
a catalogue sent in a plain brown envelope 用純褐色信封寄出的目錄
a plain style of architecture 簡樸的建築風格
plain (= with no added fruit or sugar) yoghurt 原味酸乳酪
plain paper

paper which has no lines on it

a letter written on plain paper 用白紙寫的一封信
plainness uk us /ˈpleɪn.nəs/ noun [ U ]

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