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uk /pleɪ/ us /pleɪ/

play verb (ENJOY)

A1 [ I ] When you play, especially as a child, you spend time doing an enjoyable and/or entertaining activity.

The children spent the afternoon playing with their new toys. 孩子們下午在花園裡玩耍。
My daughter used to play with the kids next door. 我女兒以前常跟隔壁的孩子們玩。

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play verb (GAME)

A1 [ I or T ] to take part in a game or other organized activity

Do you want to play cards/football (with us)? 你想(和我們)打牌/踢球嗎?
Irene won't be able to play in the tennis match on Saturday. 愛琳星期六不能參加比賽。
Which team do you play for? 你效力於哪支球隊?
Luke plays centre-forward (= plays in that position within the team). 盧克踢中鋒。

B1 [ T ] to compete against a person or team in a game

Who are the Giants playing next week? 下星期阿斯頓維拉隊和哪支隊伍比賽?

[ T ] to hit or kick a ball in a game

He played the ball back to the goalkeeper. 他把球踢回給守門員。
A good pool player takes time deciding which shot to play. 一個優秀的司諾克選手會從容考慮擊哪顆球。

[ T ] (in a card game) to choose a card from the ones you are holding and put it down on the table

She played the ace of spades. 她出了一張黑桃 A。

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play verb (ACT)

B1 [ I or T ] to perform an entertainment or a particular character in a play, film, etc.

Scottish Opera played to full houses every night. 西北歌劇院每晚演出都爆滿。
I didn't realize that "Macbeth" was playing (= being performed) at the festival. 我沒想到《馬克白》正在倫敦市政廳上演。
In the movie version, Branagh played the hero. 在電影版中,肯尼斯‧布拉那扮演主人翁。

[ T ] to behave or pretend in a particular way, especially in order to produce a particular effect or result

to play dead/dumb 裝死/啞巴
Would you mind playing host (= entertaining the guests)? 你來招待客人好嗎?
play a joke/trick

B2 to deceive someone to make them laugh or in order to get an advantage over them

She loves playing practical jokes on her friends. 她喜歡對她的朋友們惡作劇。
play a part

B2 to help to achieve something

My thanks to everyone who has played a part in saving the hospital. 我向參與拯救這家醫院的每一個人表示感謝。

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A2 [ I or T ] to perform music on an instrument or instruments

He learned to play the clarinet at the age of ten. 他十歲就開始學習吹奏單簧管。
[ + two objects ] Play us a song!/Play a song for us! 給我們奏支曲子吧!
On Radio London they play African and South American music as well as rock and pop. 倫敦廣播電台不僅播放搖滾和流行音樂,還播放非洲和南美洲的音樂。
They could hear a jazz band playing in the distance. 他們可以聽到遠處的爵士樂隊在演奏。

A2 [ I or T ] to (cause a machine to) produce sound or a picture

Play the last few minutes of the video again. 把錄影帶的最後幾分鐘再放一遍。
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play verb (MOVE)

[ I or T ] to direct or be directed over or onto something

Firefighters played their hoses onto the base of the fire. 消防隊員把水龍頭對準火源。
A fountain was playing (= sending out water) in the courtyard outside. 外面院子裡有個噴泉在噴水。

[ I + adv/prep ] (of something you see, such as light) to move quickly or be seen for a short time

A smile played across/over/on his lips. 他的唇角閃過一絲微笑。

play verb (RISK MONEY)

[ T ] to risk money, especially on the results of races or business deals, hoping to win more money

He plays the horses/the stock market. 他玩賭馬/炒股。


uk /pleɪ/ us /pleɪ/

play noun (ACTING)

A2 [ C ] a piece of writing that is intended to be acted in a theatre or on radio or television

a radio play 廣播劇
"Did you see the play (= the performance of the play) on Thursday?" "No, I went on Wednesday night." 「你星期四去看的那齣戲嗎?」「不,我星期三去的。」

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play noun (GAME)

[ U ] the activity of taking part in a sport or a game

Rain stopped play during the final of the National Tennis Championship. 下雨使全國網球錦標賽的決賽中斷了。

[ C ] US a plan or a small set of actions in a sport

The new pitcher made a great play on that throw to first base. 新投手向一壘投出了精彩的一球。
in/out of play

If a ball is in/out of play, it is/is not in a position where it can be hit, kicked, or thrown.

The ball had gone out of play. 這個球成了死球。
She managed to keep the ball in play. 她成功地把球救了回來。

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play noun (ENJOYMENT)

B2 [ U ] activity that is not serious but done for enjoyment, especially when children enjoy themselves with toys and games

The kids don't get much time for play in the evenings. 孩子們晚上沒有多少時間玩。
We watched the children at play in the park. 我們看著公園裡的孩子們玩耍。

play noun (MOVEMENT)

[ U ] movement

the play of moonlight across the water 水面上月光閃爍
the play of emotion across/on his face 他面部表情的變化

[ U ] the fact that a rope or a structure is free to move, especially a small distance

Aircraft wings are designed to have a certain amount of play in them. 飛機的機翼設計得有一定的彈性空間。

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