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verb [ I or T ] (PRODUCE SOUNDS/PICTURES) 產生聲音/圖像 uk us /pleɪ/

to perform music on an instrument or instruments

He learned to play the clarinet at the age of ten. 他十歲就開始學習吹奏單簧管。
[ + two objects ] Play us a song!/Play a song for us! 給我們奏支曲子吧!
On Radio London they play African and South American music as well as rock and pop. 倫敦廣播電台不僅播放搖滾和流行音樂,還播放非洲和南美洲的音樂。
They could hear a jazz band playing in the distance. 他們可以聽到遠處的爵士樂隊在演奏。
Play up a bit (= play louder) - I can hardly hear you! 演奏的聲音再大一點——我幾乎聽不見你演奏!

to (cause a machine to) produce sound or a picture

Play the last few minutes of the video again. 把錄影帶的最後幾分鐘再放一遍。
→ See also playback

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