Translation of "ply" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (WORK) 工作 uk us /plaɪ/

[ T ] to sell or to work regularly at something, especially a job involving selling things

Fishermen in small boats ply their trade up and down the coast. 漁民們駕著小船沿著海岸兜售海鮮。
Dealers are openly plying drugs in school playgrounds. 毒品販子公然在校園操場上兜售毒品。
The market traders were loudly plying their wares. 市場上的商販們在高聲叫賣他們的商品。
ply for business/trade, etc.

to try to get customers for your business in a public place, for example, as a taxi driver, by driving around or waiting in a regular place

UK There are never any taxis plying for trade/hire in our area. 我們這一地區從來都沒有計程車在這裡候客。
I noticed a couple of prostitutes plying for business on the corner. 我看到轉角處有幾個妓女在拉客。

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