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uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

point noun (IDEA EXPRESSED)

B1 [ C ] an idea, opinion, or piece of information that is said or written

I'd like to discuss the first point in your essay. 我想討論一下你文章中的第一點。
You made some interesting points in your speech. 你發言中有些觀點很有趣。
the/sb's point

B2 the meaning or most important part of what someone says or writes

The point is, if you don't claim the money now you might never get it. 重要的是,如果你現在不索取這筆錢的話,你可能就再也得不到了。
I think you missed (= did not understand) the point of what she was saying. 我認為你沒有理解她說的要點。
I take your point/Point taken (= I understand that what you are saying is important). 我明白你的意思。
Please get to the point (= say the thing that is most important to you). 請言歸正轉。
He hasn't got much money, but that's not the point (= that is not the important thing). 他沒有多少錢,但這不是重點。

B1 [ S ] an opinion or fact that deserves to be considered seriously, or that other people agree is true

Yes, I can see your point/you've got a point there. 是的,我明白你的意思/你說得有道理。
OK, you've made your point (= told us your opinion) - there's no need to go on about it. 好,你已經表明了你的觀點,沒必要再多說了。
beside the point

not important or not related to the subject being discussed

The fact that he doesn't want to come is beside the point - he should have been invited. 他不想來這並不重要——重要的是他本來應該受邀請的。
that's a (good) point

B2 said to show that what someone has just said is true or important

"We'll take the bus." "But we don't have any money for the fare." "That's a point." 「我們乘公共汽車吧。」「但我們沒錢買車票。」「這倒是。」

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point noun (TIME/PLACE)

B2 [ C ] a particular time or stage reached in a process

At that point, a soldier opened fire on the car. 就在此時,一個士兵向轎車開了火。
I was completely lost at one point. 我一度完全不知所措了。
[ + question word ] It was so confusing that eventually it got to the point where no one knew what was going on. 這件事很莫名其妙,最後無人知道到底發生了甚麼事。
I said I'd tell her the bad news, but when it came to the point (= when I had to do it), I couldn't. 我說過我要告訴她這個壞消息,但真要開口的時候,我卻說不出口了。

[ C ] a particular place

the point where the road bends 公路拐彎處
This is a good point from which to watch the race. 這是個觀看比賽的好地方。
boiling, melting, freezing, etc. point

the temperature at which a substance boils, melts, freezes, etc.


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point noun (PURPOSE)

B2 [ S or U ] purpose or usefulness

[ + -ing verb ] informal There's no point arguing about it - we're going and that's that. 爭辯也沒有用——我們要去,就這麼定了。
I'd like to write to him, but what's the point? He never writes back. 我願意寫信給他,但這有甚麼用呢?他從不回信。
I see little point in discussing this further. 我看不出繼續討論還有甚麼意義。

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  • What's the point of that?
  • What's the point of shouting at him?
  • There's no point in going if Maggie isn't going to be there.
  • There's no point in getting yourself all upset over it.
  • I'm not going to this afternoon's session - I don't see the point of it.

point noun (UNIT)

B1 [ C ] a mark or unit for counting, especially how much a person or team has scored in a sport

The youngest skier won the most points. 那個最年輕的滑雪選手得分最高。
He won the world heavyweight boxing championship on points (= as a result of the points that he had won). 他以點數贏得了世界重量級拳擊冠軍。
Interest rates have risen by two percentage points (= two percent). 利率上漲了兩個百分點。

[ C ] specialized publishing a unit used for measuring the size of printed letters, equal to about 0.3 mm or 1/72 of an inch

The large letters are in 7.5 point type, and the small letters are in 6 point. 大的字母是7½點的,小的是6點的。

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point noun (SHARP END)

B2 [ C ] the sharp end of something, such as a knife

The knife landed with its point sticking into the floor. 刀落地時刀尖刺入了地面。
Be careful with that needle - it has a very sharp point. 小心針,它的頭很尖。
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B2 [ C ] a particular quality or characteristic of a person or thing

There are various points to look out for when you're judging dogs in a competition. 在比賽中要根據各方面的特點對狗作出評比。
He's boring, but I suppose he has his good points. 他很乏味,但我認為他也有長處。
I think her kindness is one of her strong points (= one of her good qualities). 我覺得為人和氣是她的優點之一。

point noun (PIECE OF LAND)

[ C ] a long, thin area of land that stretches out into the sea

Spurn Point 斯珀恩角

point noun (SIGN)

B2 [ C ] a small, round spot that is used in numbers to separate whole numbers from parts of numbers

One kilogram equals two point two (= 2.2) pounds. 1公斤等於2.2磅。
The error occurred when someone left out the decimal point. 有人遺漏了小數點,出現了錯誤。

point noun (FEET)

points [ plural ] specialized

the toes of a ballet dancer's shoes

She is learning how to dance on her points. 她正在學習如何以足尖踮地跳舞。

point noun (ELECTRIC)

[ C ] UK a socket to which a wire from a piece of electrical equipment is connected in order to supply it with electricity or a radio, television, or other signal

a TV antenna point 電視天線插孔
There is a phone point in every room. 每個房間都有電話線插孔。

[ C ] specialized engineering in some car engines, either of two parts that allow or prevent the flow of electricity

He checked the points and plugs and topped up the oil. 他檢查了分電器接點和火花塞,加滿了油。

point noun (RAILWAY)

points [ plural ] mainly UK US usually switches

a place on a railway track where the rails (= metal bars on which the trains travel) can be moved to allow a train to change from one track to another

The train rattled as it went over the points. 火車哐啷哐啷駛過道岔。

point noun (MARK)

[ C ] a small, round mark on a line, plan, or map to show the position of something

Join the points A and B together on the diagram with a straight line. 將圖上的 A 點和 B 點用直線連起來。

C2 [ C ] a mark on a compass that shows direction, such as north, south, east, and west


[ C ] a very small, round light that you can see in the distance

I could just make out the tiny points of a car's headlights far away. 我只能勉強看到遠處車前燈的小小光點。


uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

A2 [ I ] to direct other people's attention to something by holding out your finger towards it

"Look at that!" she said, pointing at the hole in the door. 「看那個!」她指著門上的洞說道。
Small children are often told that it's rude to point. 小孩子們經常被告知用手指指點點是不禮貌的。

B1 [ T ] to hold something out in the direction of someone or something

He said that the man had pointed a knife at him. 他說那人用刀指著他。

B1 [ I ] If something points in a particular direction, it is turned towards that direction.

The road sign points left. 路標指向左邊。
All the cars were pointing in the same direction. 所有的汽車都朝一個方向開。
There was an arrow pointing to the door. 有個箭頭指向房門。

More examples

pointadjective [ before noun ]

uk /pɔɪnt/ us /pɔɪnt/

relating to when a ballet dancer dances on their toes

a pair of point shoes 一雙芭蕾舞足尖鞋
Today we'll do some point work. 今天我們將做一些足尖練習。

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