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uk /ˈpɒp.jə.lər/ us /ˈpɑː.pjə.lɚ/

popular adjective (LIKED)

A2 liked, enjoyed, or supported by many people

She's the most popular teacher in school. 她是學校裡最受歡迎的老師。
That song was popular with people from my father's generation. 那首歌在我爸爸那一代很流行。
Walking is a popular form of exercise in Britain. 在英國,走路是很流行的運動方式。
How popular is Madonna among/with teenagers? 瑪丹娜在青少年中有多受歡迎?
informal Jan wasn't very popular (= people were annoyed by her) when she opened all the windows on that cold day. 在這麼冷的天簡把所有的窗戶都打開,這樣做很惹人厭。

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popular adjective (GENERAL)

B2 [ before noun ] for or involving ordinary people rather than experts or very educated people

popular music/entertainment/culture 流行音樂/大眾娛樂/大眾文化
The issue was virtually ignored by the popular press. 這件事實際上被大眾媒體忽視了。
The popular myth is that air travel is more dangerous than travel by car or bus. 一個普遍的錯誤迷思是搭飛機比開車和搭公共汽車都要危險。

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