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uk /paʊər/ us /ˈpaʊ.ɚ/

power noun (CONTROL)

B2 [ U ] ability to control people and events

I've no power over him - he does what he wants to. 我管不了他——他想幹甚麼就幹甚麼。
Once nicotine has you in its power, it's very difficult to stop smoking. 一旦尼古丁對你起了作用,戒煙就很難了。
She has the power to charm any man she meets. 她有魅力讓她遇見的每個男子都神魂顛倒。

C1 [ U ] the amount of political control a person or group has in a country

Does the president have more power than the prime minister? 總統是否比總理權力更大?
How long has the Conservative Party been in power? 保守黨當政多久了?
The army seized power after five days of anti-government demonstrations. 反政府示威五天後,軍方奪取了政權。

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power noun (STRENGTH)

C1 [ U ] strength

Our car doesn't have enough power to tow a trailer. 我們的轎車馬力不夠大,拖不動拖車。
Weightlifters have tremendous power in their arms and legs. 舉重運動員的臂力和腿力極大。
Scientists are working to harness the power of the atom. 科學家們正在研究如何利用原子能。
The economic power of many Asian countries has grown dramatically in recent years. 近年來許多亞洲國家的經濟實力有了顯著的增長。

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power noun (OFFICIAL RIGHT)

[ U ] an official or legal right to do something

[ + to infinitive ] I'd like to help but I don't have the power to intervene in this dispute. 我很想幫忙,但我無權介入此糾紛。
It's not in your power to cancel the order. 你無權取消這份訂單。
I can't give you a refund - I'm afraid it's not within my power. 我不能給你退款——這恐怕不在我的職權範圍內。
powers [ plural ]


You were acting beyond your powers when you agreed to give her a pay rise. 你答應給她加薪,這是在越權行事。
Visitors to the city are respectfully reminded of the council's powers to remove illegally parked vehicles. 到該市觀光的遊客被很禮貌地告知,市政委員會有權拖走違規停放的車輛。

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power noun (ELECTRICITY)

B1 [ U ] electricity, especially when considering its use or production

You should disconnect the power before attempting to repair electrical equipment. 在檢修電氣設備之前應先切斷電源。
Our building lost power (= the electricity was stopped) during the storm. 暴風雨中我們的房子斷電了。
power cables/lines 電纜/線

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power noun (ABILITY)

powers [ plural ]

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My mental powers aren't as good as they used to be. 我的腦力不如以前了。

C1 [ U ] a natural skill or an ability to do something

He was so shocked by what happened to his parents that he lost the power of speech. 發生在他父母身上的事使他嚇呆了,他一句話也說不出來。
[ + to infinitive ] The surgeon did everything in her power to save him. 醫生竭盡全力搶救他。


C1 [ C ] a person, organization, or country that has control over others, often because of wealth, importance, or great military strength

Spain was an important military power in the 16th century. 西班牙在16世紀是一個軍事強國。
Germany is on its way to becoming a world power with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. 德國正在努力成為世界強國,謀求成為聯合國安理會常任理事國。
She is an increasingly important power in the company. 在公司中她的權力越來越大。

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power noun (ENERGY)

[ U ] specialized physics the rate at which energy is used, or the ability to produce energy

The ship was only slightly damaged in the collision and was able to sail into port under its own power. 船在撞擊中只是輕微受損,仍可依靠自身的動力駛入港口。
The power rating of my amplifier is 40 watts per channel. 我的揚聲器的功率(級別)是每聲道40瓦。

power noun (IMAGE SIZE)

[ U ] the amount by which an image is increased by a device used for seeing things that are very small or a long distance away

What's the magnification power of your binoculars? 你的雙筒望遠鏡的放大倍數是多少?
You'll need a very high-power microscope to see something as small as that. 要觀察那麼小的東西,你需要一台高倍顯微鏡。
A low-power telescope is enough if you only want to look at the moon. 只觀看月相用低倍望遠鏡就足夠了。

power noun (MATHEMATICS)

[ S ] specialized mathematics the number of times that a number is to be multiplied by itself

2 to the fourth power is 2 times 2 times 2 times 2, which equals 16. 2的4次方就是2乘2乘2乘2,等於16。
3 to the power 4 is usually written as 34. 3的4次方通常寫作34。


uk /paʊər/ us /ˈpaʊ.ɚ/

power verb (ENERGY)

[ T ] to provide a machine with energy and the ability to operate

Buses and trucks are usually powered by diesel engines. 公共汽車和卡車通常是由柴油引擎驅動的。
Electricity costs less than petrol, so powering an electric vehicle is cheaper. 將來會用電來驅動公路交通工具。

power verb (STRENGTH)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to act with great strength or in a forceful way

Halfway through, she powered into the lead and went on to win the race. 到半路時,她加速衝到前面,一直領先,贏得了賽跑冠軍。

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