Translation of "power" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] (CONTROL) 控制 uk us /paʊər/ US  /paʊɚ/

ability to control people and events

I've no power over him - he does what he wants to. 我管不了他——他想幹甚麼就幹甚麼。
Once nicotine has you in its power, it's very difficult to stop smoking. 一旦尼古丁對你起了作用,戒煙就很難了。
She has the power to charm any man she meets. 她有魅力讓她遇見的每個男子都神魂顛倒。

the amount of political control a person or group has in a country

Does the President have more power than the Prime Minister? 總統是否比總理權力更大?
How long has the Conservative Party been in power? 保守黨當政多久了?
The army seized power after five days of anti-government demonstrations. 反政府示威五天後,軍方奪取了政權。

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