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uk /priːtʃ/ us /priːtʃ/

preach verb (IN CHURCH)

[ I or T ] (especially of a priest or minister in a church) to give a religious speech

Father Martin preached to the assembled mourners. 馬丁神父向聚集的哀悼者們佈道。
During the sermon, he preached about the need for forgiveness. 在佈道期間,他宣講了寬恕的必要性。

preach verb (PERSUADE)

[ T ] to try to persuade other people to believe in a particular belief or follow a particular way of life

They preach the abolition of established systems but propose nothing to replace them. 他們竭力鼓吹廢除現行體制,但沒有提出取代方案。

preach verb (ADVISE)

[ I ] disapproving to give unwanted advice, especially about moral matters, in a boring way

He's such a pain - he's always preaching about the virtues of working hard and getting up early. 他很煩人——老在倡導努力工作和早起的美德。
My mother's always preaching at/to me about keeping my room tidy. 我母親老是告誡我保持房間整潔。

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