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pricenoun [ C ]

uk /praɪs/ us /praɪs/

A2 [ C ] the amount of money for which something is sold

The price of oil has risen sharply. 油價急遽上漲。
House prices have been falling. 房價一直在下跌。
We thought they were asking a very high/low price. 我們認為他們要價很高/低。
The large supermarkets are offering big price cuts. 大超市在大減價。

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uk /praɪs/ us /praɪs/

C1 [ T often passive ] to say what the price of something is

The car is priced at £28,000. 這輛車定價2.8萬英鎊。
There is a lack of reasonably priced housing for rent. 要價合理的出租房屋很緊缺。

[ T ] to discover how much something costs

We went around all the travel agents pricing the different tours. 我們走遍了各家旅行社詢問各種旅遊項目的價格。

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