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uk /ˈprɪk.əl.i/ /ˈprɪ us /ˈprɪk.əl.i/ /ˈprɪ

prickly adjective (SHARP)

covered with prickles

Chestnuts had burst out of their prickly green husks. 栗子從長滿刺的綠色外殼中脹破出來。
I find this sweater slightly prickly (= it makes the skin sore). 我感覺這件毛衣有點刺癢。

prickly adjective (UNFRIENDLY)

informal unfriendly and easily offended or annoyed

She was asked a couple of questions about her private life and got a little prickly. 有人問了她幾個私生活方面的問題,她有些生氣了。

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