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prizenoun [ C ]

uk /praɪz/ us /praɪz/

A2 something valuable, such as an amount of money, that is given to someone who succeeds in a competition or game or that is given to someone as a reward for doing very good work

The critics' prize for best film was won by Marc Abbott for "Belly Laugh". 馬克•阿博特的《捧腹大笑》被評論家們評為最佳影片。
I won a prize in the raffle. 我在摸彩中獲了獎。
The first (= main) prize is a week for two in Miami. 頭獎是布魯日雙人週末遊。
The prize money for winning Wimbledon has been increased by 12.5 per cent. 文學創作競賽的獎金可能高達四萬英鎊。

something important and valuable that is difficult to achieve or get

The prize would be her hand in marriage. 最理想的是娶她為妻。

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uk /praɪz/ us /praɪz/

prize verb (REWARD)

[ T often passive ] to think that someone or something is very valuable or important

In parts of Asia this plant is prized for its medicinal qualities. 在亞洲某些地區,這種植物因其藥用價值而倍受重視。
I prize that intimacy above everything. 我把那種親密關係看得比甚麼都重。

prize verb (LIFT)

[ T + adv/prep ] UK also prise, US also pry to use force to lift something off something else, for example by pressing a tool against a fixed point; to separate things using force

I prized the lid off with a spoon. 我用杓子把蓋子撬掉了。
The window had been prized open with a jemmy. 窗戶被用撬棍撬開了。
She couldn't prize his fingers apart to get the key.

Phrasal verb(s)

prizeadjective [ before noun ]

uk /praɪz/ us /praɪz/

A prize animal, flower, or vegetable is one that has won or deserves to win a prize in a competition because it is of very good quality.

a prize bull 一流的公牛
a prize marrow 上好的西葫蘆

used to describe something that is a very good or important example of its type

prize assets 重要資產
Some prize idiot (= extremely foolish person) forgot to lock the door. 有個大傻瓜忘了鎖門。

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