Translation of "prize" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /praɪz/

something valuable, such as an amount of money, that is given to someone who succeeds in a competition or game or that is given to someone as a reward for doing very good work

The critics' prize for best film was won by Marc Abbott for 'Belly Laugh'. 馬克•阿博特的《捧腹大笑》被評論家們評為最佳影片。
I won a prize in the raffle. 我在摸彩中獲了獎。
The first (= main) prize is a weekend for two in Bruges. 頭獎是布魯日雙人週末遊。
The prize money for literary competitions can be as high as £40 000. 文學創作競賽的獎金可能高達四萬英鎊。

something important and valuable which is difficult to achieve or get

The prize would be her hand in marriage. 最理想的是娶她為妻。

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