Translation of "produce" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (MAKE) 製造 uk us /prəˈdjuːs/ US  /-ˈduːs/

to make something or bring something into existence

France produces a great deal of wine for export. 法國生產大量葡萄酒供出口。
Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. 紅血球細胞在骨髓內生成。
She works for a company that produces (= makes for sale) electrical goods. 她在一家生產電子產品的公司工作。
I was wondering whether I could produce a meal out of what's left in the fridge. 我不知道能否用冰箱裡剩的東西做一頓飯。
She's asked me to produce a report on the state of the project. 她要求我就這項工程的狀況寫一份報告。

When animals produce young, they give birth to them

Our cat produced four kittens during the course of the night. 我們的貓在夜裡生了四隻小貓。
humorous All our friends seem to be busy producing offspring at the moment. 我們所有的朋友現在似乎都忙著生兒育女。

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