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noun (THING MADE) 產品 uk us /ˈprɒd.ʌkt/ US  /ˈprɑː.dʌkt/

[ C or U ] something that is made to be sold, usually something that is produced by an industrial process or, less commonly, something that is grown or obtained through farming

They do a range of skin-care products. 他們生產一系列的護膚品。
The product is so good it sells itself. 這種產品非常好,不需要促銷。
I'm trying to cut down on dairy products. 我正設法減少乳製品的食用量。
→ See also by-product
a/the product of sth

a/the result of something

A figure like that is usually the product of many hours spent in the gym. 那樣的體形通常是在健身房花了很長時間鍛鍊的結果。
She had a very happy childhood, and I guess her confidence is a product of that. 她的童年非常幸福,我想正是那段時光培養了她的自信。

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