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uk /ˈprɒm.ɪs/ us /ˈprɑː.mɪs/

promise verb (SAY CERTAINLY)

B1 [ I or T ] to tell someone that you will certainly do something

[ + to infinitive ] He promised faithfully to call me every week. 他信誓旦旦地保證每週都打電話給我。
[ + that ] The government have promised that they'll reduce taxes. 政府已承諾要減稅。
[ + (that) ] Promise me (that) you won't tell him. 答應我你不會告訴他。
I'll look for some while I'm at the shops but I'm not promising anything. 我逛街的時候找找,但不敢保證能買到。
Can I have that book back when you've finished because I've promised it (= I have said I will give it) to Sara. 那本書你看完後能還給我嗎,因為我答應莎拉要給她了。
[ + two objects ] Her parents promised her a new car if she passed her exams. 她父母答應如果她通過考試就送她一輛新車。
I've promised myself a long bath when I get through all this work. 做完所有這些工作後我要好好洗個澡。
[ + speech ] "I'll come round and see you every day," she promised. 「我會每天來看你的。」她保證道。
"I won't do anything dangerous." "You promise?" "I promise." 「我不會做任何危險的事。」「你保證?」「我保證。」
"I won't have time to take you shopping this afternoon." "But you promised!" 「今天下午我沒時間帶你去購物了。」「但你答應過的!」

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promise verb (BE EXPECTED)

promise to be good, exciting, etc.

B2 If something promises to be good, exciting, etc. it is expected to be good, exciting, etc.

It promises to be a really exciting game. 預計這會是一場非常精彩的比賽。


uk /ˈprɒm.ɪs/ us /ˈprɑː.mɪs/

promise noun (SAY CERTAINLY)

B1 [ C ] the act of saying that you will certainly do something

I'll put my things away tonight - and that's a promise! 今晚我要把我所有的東西都收拾好——說到做到!
I'll try to get back in time, but I'm not making any promises. 我會儘量及時回來,但我不能保證。
keep/break a promise

B2 to do/not do what you said that you would do

If I make a promise, I like to keep it. 如果我作出了承諾,我會遵守的。

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promise noun (EXPECTED)

[ U ] the idea that someone or something is likely to develop successfully and that people expect this to happen

His English teacher had written on his report that he showed great promise. 英語老師在他的成績單中寫說他前景看好。
As a child I was quite a good dancer, but I didn't fulfil my early promise. 我小時候舞跳得相當好,但我並沒有成為舞蹈家。

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