Translation of "pronounce" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (TO STATE) 聲明 uk us /prəˈnaʊnts/ formal

to state something officially or certainly

[ + obj + noun/adj ] He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. 他被送往醫院,到了醫院就被宣佈已死亡。
The jury pronounced him guilty. 陪審團宣佈他有罪。
He gazed vacantly while the verdict and sentence were pronounced. 在宣讀判決時,他面無表情地瞪著眼睛。
She surveyed the building and pronounced herself pleased with their work. 她勘查了這棟樓,並說自己對他們的工作很滿意。
[ + that ] The government pronounced that they are no longer a nuclear state. 該政府宣佈其不再是核武國家。
"Have I met him?" "You have indeed - I recall you pronounced the man (= said that he was) a fool." 「我見過他嗎?」「你確實見過——我記得你說這個人是傻瓜。」
The dessert was tried and pronounced delicious. 人們品嚐了這道甜點,稱讚其味美。

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