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proposalnoun [ C ]

uk /prəˈpəʊ.zəl/ us /prəˈpoʊ.zəl/

B2 a suggestion, sometimes a written one

Congress has rejected the latest economic proposal put forward by the President. 議會否決了總統最近提出的經濟計劃。
[ + to infinitive ] There has been an angry reaction to the government's proposal to reduce unemployment benefit. 政府削減失業救濟金的計劃遭到了強烈的反對。
Have you read Steve's proposals for the new project? 你看了史蒂夫對新專案的建議了嗎?
[ + that ] There was anger at the proposal that a UN peacekeeping force should be sent to the area. 有人對向該地區派遣聯合國維和部隊的建議很惱火。

B2 an offer of marriage


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