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uk /ˈprəʊ.test/ us /proʊˈtest/

[ C or U ] a strong complaint expressing disagreement, disapproval, or opposition

Protests have been made/registered by many people who would be affected by the proposed changes. 許多將因擬議改變而受到影響的人舉行了抗議活動。
A formal protest was made by the German team about their disqualification from the relay final. 德國隊對他們被取消接力決賽資格一事提出了正式抗議。
Conservation groups have united in protest against the planned new road. 環境保育組織聯合起來,抗議計劃建造的新公路。

B2 [ C ] an occasion when people show that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc.

a public protest against the war 反戰的公開抗議活動
a peaceful/violent protest 和平/暴力的抗議活動
under protest

If something is done under protest, it is done unwillingly.

I only went to the meeting under protest. 我去開會是心不甘情不願的。

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protestverb [ I or T ]

uk /prəˈtest/ us /ˈproʊ.test/

B2 to show that you disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc.

A big crowd of demonstrators were protesting against cuts in health spending. 一大群示威者在抗議縮減醫療保健費用。
especially US Outside, a group of students were protesting research cuts. 外面有一群學生在抗議縮減研究經費。

B2 to say something forcefully or complain about something

Lots of people protested about the new working hours. 許多人對新的工作時間表示抗議。
They protested bitterly to their employers, but to no avail. 他們向老闆表達強烈抗議,但一點用也沒有。
[ + that ] A young girl was crying, protesting that she didn't want to leave her mother. 一個小女孩哭鬧著,不想跟媽媽分開。
All through the trial he protested his innocence (= strongly said he was not guilty). 在整個審判期間,他都堅持自己是清白的。

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