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uk /pjʊər/ us /pjʊr/

pure adjective (NOT MIXED)

B1 not mixed with anything else

a pure cotton shirt 純棉襯衫
pure orange juice 純柳橙汁
pure English honey 純英格蘭蜂蜜
a pure Arab horse 純種阿拉伯馬

A pure colour is not mixed with any other colour.

a swan's pure white plumage 天鵝的純白色羽毛

A pure sound is clear and perfect.

the pure vocal tones of the choirboy 唱詩班男童純淨的嗓音

B1 clean and free from harmful substances

The mountain air was wonderfully pure. 山上的空氣極為純淨。
Tap water is never chemically pure. 自來水絕對不是化學上的純水。

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pure adjective (COMPLETE)

B2 [ before noun ] complete; only

It was pure coincidence/chance that we met. 我們見面純屬巧合。
This last month has been pure hell. 對我們來說,上個月是十足的地獄。
Her face had a look of pure delight. 她滿臉的愉悅。
The president dismissed the newspaper reports as pure speculation. 部長稱這篇新聞報道純屬臆測而不予理睬。

[ before noun ] used to refer to an area of study that is studied only for the purpose of developing theories about it, not for the purpose of using those theories in a practical way

pure mathematics 理論數學;純數學
pure economics 理論經濟學
pure and simple

used after a noun to mean "and nothing else"

He is motivated by greed, pure and simple. 他完全是被貪婪所驅使。

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pure adjective (MORALLY GOOD)

behaving in a way that is morally good, especially in things related to sex

I'm trying to think only pure thoughts. 我正試圖保持思想純潔,沒有邪念。
He invited me up to his flat for coffee, but I didn't think that his motives were entirely pure. 他邀請我去他的公寓喝咖啡,但我認為他動機不單純。
In many cultures, it is considered important for a woman to keep herself pure (= not to have sex) until she marries. 許多文化很注重女性在婚前要保持貞潔。

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