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put sth on

phrasal verb with put uk /pʊt/ us /pʊt/ verb present participle putting, past tense and past participle put


A2 to make a device operate, or to cause a device to play something, such as a CD or DVD, by pressing a switch

Could you put the light on? 你能把燈打開嗎?
Do you mind if I put the television/some music on? 你介意我打開電視機/放點音樂嗎?
Don't forget to put the brake on. 別忘了踩煞車。

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A2 to cover part of the body with clothes, shoes, make-up, or something similar

Put your shoes on - we're going out. 穿上你的鞋,我們出去。
He put on his jacket. 他穿上了他的夾克。
She puts face cream on every night. 她每天晚上都擦面霜。


to pretend to have a particular feeling or way of behaving that is not real or natural to you

Why are you putting on that silly voice? 你為甚麼故意發出那麼傻的聲音?
There's no need to put on that injured expression - you know you're in the wrong. 沒必要裝出那種受傷的表情——你自己清楚你有錯。
I can't tell whether he's really upset, or if he's just putting it on. 我看不出他是真的不舒服還是裝的而已。


mainly UK to produce or provide something, especially for the good of other people or for a special purpose

She put on a wonderful meal for us. 她為我們做了一頓可口的餐點。
They've put on a late-night bus service for students. 他們為學生們提供深夜公車服務。


B1 If people or animals put weight on, they become heavier.

I'd expected to put weight on when I gave up smoking, but I didn't. 我以為我戒煙後體重會增加,不過沒有。
He's put on ten pounds in the last month. 他上個月體重增加了十磅。

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