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pygmyadjective [ before noun ]

also pigmy uk /ˈpɪɡ.mi/ us /ˈpɪɡ.mi/

A pygmy animal or bird is one of a type that is smaller than animals or birds of that type usually are.

a pygmy hippopotamus 矮小的河馬
a pygmy owl 極小的貓頭鷹

pygmynoun [ C ]

also pigmy uk /ˈpɪɡ.mi/ us /ˈpɪɡ.mi/ disapproving

someone who is not important or who has little skill

a political pygmy 在政治上無足輕重的小人物
an intellectual pygmy 智力低下的人

Pygmynoun [ C ]

also Pigmy uk /ˈpɪɡ.mi/ us /ˈpɪɡ.mi/

a member of one of several groups of very small people who live in Central Africa

Pygmies average about 1.5 metres in height. 俾格米人平均身高大約為1.5米。

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