Translation of "qualification" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (TRAINING) 培訓 uk us /ˌkwɒl.ɪ.fɪˈkeɪ.ʃən/ US  /ˌkwɑː.lɪ-/

[ C ] an official record showing that you have finished a training course or have the necessary skills,

You'll never get a good job if you don't have any qualifications. 你要是沒有任何資格證明就永遠得不到一份好工作。
Do you have any teaching/legal/medical/secretarial/academic qualifications? 你有沒有教師/法律/醫學/秘書/學術的資格證明?

[ C or U ] an ability, characteristic or experience that makes you suitable for a particular job or activity

Some nursing experience is a necessary qualification for this job. 這份工作的必要條件是必須具備一定的護理經驗。
[ + to infinitive ] One of the qualifications you need to work here is a sense of humour! 在這裡工作所要具備的條件之一是幽默感!

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