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uk /ˈkwɔː.tər/ us /ˈkwɑː.t̬ɚ/

quarter noun (FOURTH PART)

A2 [ C ] one of four equal or almost equal parts of something; ¼

He cut the orange into quarters. 他把橘子切成了4塊。
Under a quarter of people questioned said that they were happily married. 不到1/4的受訪者表示他們的婚姻很幸福。
My house is situated a mile and three-quarters from here. 我的房子距離這裡1.75英里。
a quarter of an hour

15 minutes

I waited a quarter of an hour and then went home. 我等了十五分鐘然後就回家了。
I was there three-quarters of an hour. 我在那裡逗留了四十五分鐘。
an hour and three-quarters 1小時45分鐘
a quarter to two, three, etc. A1 also US a quarter of two, three, etc.

15 minutes before two, three, etc.

It was a quarter to six when I left. 我離開時差十五分鐘到六點。
a quarter past two, three, etc. A1 also US a quarter after two, three, etc.

15 minutes after two, three, etc.

I'll meet you at a quarter past five. 我們五點十五分見。

[ C ] one of four periods of time into which a year is divided for financial calculations, such as for profits or taxes

There was a fall in unemployment in the second quarter of the year. 今年第二季的失業率有所下降。
I get an electricity bill every quarter. 我每季都會收到一份電費帳單。

[ C ] one of four periods in a game of American football and other ball sports


More examples

quarter noun (COIN)

B2 [ C ] in the US and Canada, a coin worth 25 cents


quarter noun (AREA)

C2 [ C ] an area of a town where a particular group of people live or work or where a particular activity happens

This is the bustling commercial quarter of the city. 這裡是該城繁華的商業區。

quarter noun (PEOPLE)

[ C ] one or more people who provide help, information, or a particular reaction to something but who are not usually named

Help came from an unexpected quarter. 伸出援手的是個意料之外的人。
There is a feeling in certain/some quarters (= some people consider) that a change is needed. 有些人認為有需要進行一次變革。

quarter noun (PLACE TO LIVE)

quarters [ plural ]

a room or house that has been provided, especially for servants or soldiers and their families, to live in

The army's married quarters are just outside the town. 已婚軍人的營房就在城外不遠地方。

quarter noun (FORGIVENESS)

[ U ] literary the fact of being kind towards or forgiving an enemy or opponent

We can expect no quarter from our enemies. 我們不能指望敵人會饒恕我們。
He gave no quarter to anyone that disappointed him.


uk /ˈkwɔː.tər/ us /ˈkwɑː.t̬ɚ/

quarter verb (CUT INTO FOUR)

[ T often passive ] to cut something into four parts


quarter verb (SOLDIER)

[ T usually passive, + adv/prep ] to send someone, especially soldiers, to live in a place

The soldiers were quartered with (= they lived with) local people during the war. 在戰爭期間,士兵們住在當地村民的家裡。

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