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ragnoun [ C ]

uk /ræɡ/ us /ræɡ/

rag noun [ C ] (CLOTH)

a torn piece of old cloth

I keep these rags for cleaning the car. 我把這些舊布留下來擦汽車用。
rags [ plural ]

clothes that are old and torn

an old man dressed in rags. 衣衫襤褸的老人
Their clothes were in rags (= torn). 他們的衣服又破又舊。

rag noun [ C ] (NEWSPAPER)

informal a newspaper or magazine that is considered to be of bad quality

He had his picture taken for some local rag. 他為一家地方小報拍了照片。

rag noun [ C ] (COLLEGE EVENT)

in Britain, a series of entertaining events and activities organized by college students once a year to collect money for charity


rag noun [ C ] (MUSIC)

a piece of ragtime music


ragverb [ T ]

uk /ræɡ/ us /ræɡ/ -gg- old-fashioned informal

to say things that are funny but a little unkind

They ragged him about his girlfriend. 他們拿他的女朋友取笑他。

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