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uk /ræp/ us /ræp/

rap noun (MUSIC)

A2 [ U ] a type of popular music with a strong rhythm in which the words are spoken, not sung

a rap artist/star 說唱樂藝人/歌星

rap noun (PUNISHMENT)

[ C or U ] mainly US slang a statement accusing someone of a crime, or the punishment that someone is given for a crime

He always said he was jailed on a bum rap (= false accusation). 他總說自己坐牢是冤枉的。
The police caught him, but somehow he managed to beat the rap (= escape punishment). 員警抓住了他,但不知怎麼他竟設法逃脫了罪責。
I'm not going to take the rap for you (= be punished for something you did). 我才不會替你去背黑鍋。

rap noun (JUDGMENT)

[ C ] US slang a judgment or a reaction

The new show got a bum/bad rap (= was severely criticized) in all the papers. 這個新的節目被各份報紙罵了個狗血噴頭。

rap noun (HIT)

[ C ] a sudden short noise, especially one made by hitting a hard surface

There was a series of raps on the window. 傳來一陣敲窗戶的聲音。


uk /ræp/ us /ræp/ -pp-

rap verb (HIT)

[ I or T ] to hit or say something suddenly and forcefully

She rapped (on) the table to get everyone's attention. 她敲了敲桌子,讓大家注意。
The colonel rapped (out) an order to his men. 上校厲聲對他的士兵下命令。

[ T ] to criticize someone, especially officially

The headline read "Judge raps police". 報道的標題是「法官斥責警方」。

rap verb (MUSIC)

[ I ] to perform rap


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