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ratenoun [ C ]

uk /reɪt/ us /reɪt/

rate noun [ C ] (MEASURE)

B2 the speed at which something happens or changes, or the amount or number of times it happens or changes in a particular period

Although she's recovering from her illness, her rate of progress is quite slow. 儘管病情正在好轉,但她康復的速度仍很慢。
I told my assistants to work at their own rate. 我告訴我的助手們按照他們自己的進度工作。
The taxi was going at a tremendous rate. 計程車飛速奔馳。
the growth/inflation/mortality/unemployment, etc. rate 增長率/通貨膨脹率/死亡率/失業率等
The drug has a high success/failure rate. 這種藥物治療疾病的成功率/失敗率很高。

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rate noun [ C ] (PAYMENT)

B2 an amount or level of payment

We agreed a rate with the painter before he started work. 開工前,我們和油漆工談好了薪酬。
What's the going (= standard) rate for this type of work? 這種工作一般酬金是多少?
Do you pay your mortgage on a fixed or variable rate (= of interest)? 你怎樣還抵押貸款,是定額償付還是不定額償付?

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rate noun [ C ] (TAX)

rates [ plural ]

a local tax paid in Australia, and in Britain in the past, by the owners of houses and other buildings


rateverb [ T ]

uk /reɪt/ us /reɪt/

rate verb [ T ] (JUDGE)

C1 to judge the value or character of someone or something

How do you rate him as a football player? 你怎麽評價他作為一個足球運動員的表現?
She is rated very highly by the people she works for. 僱主對她的評價都很高。
informal "What do you think of her as a singer?" "I don't really rate her (= I do not think that she is very good)." 「你認爲她作為一個歌手錶現如何?」「我認為她不怎麽樣。」
I rate cars as one of the worst polluters of the environment. 我認為汽車是污染環境的罪魁禍首之一。
[ + obj + noun ] On a scale of one to ten, I'd rate his book a five. 滿分是十分的話,我給他這本書給五分。
Traffic accidents are so frequent that they don't rate a mention (= are not considered to be worth reporting) in the newspaper unless a lot of people are killed. 撞車事故太頻繁了,所以除非造成多人死亡,否則報紙對這樣的事都不屑一提。
rate as sth

to be considered to be something of a particular quality

That rates as the worst film I've ever seen. 那是我看過的最蹩腳的電影。

rate verb [ T ] (TAX)

UK In Britain in the past, a building was rated to decide how much local tax the owner should pay.



uk / -reɪt/ us / -reɪt/

C1 used with words such as first, second, etc. to show how good you think something is

級別;水準;質量(與 first、second 等詞連用,表明你認為某物的優劣如何)
His suggestions are always first-rate (= very good). 他總是能提出很好的建議。
This company produces second/third-rate (= not very good) goods. 這間公司生産的都是些二/三流的産品。

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