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rationnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈræʃ.ən/ us /ˈræʃ.ən/

a limited amount of something that one person is allowed to have, especially when there is not much of it available

During the war, no one was allowed more than their ration of food, clothing and fuel. 戰爭期間,所有人得到的食物、衣服和燃料都不得超過其配給量。
rations [ plural ]

the total amount of food that is given to someone to be eaten during a particular activity and in a particular period of time, especially an amount given to soldiers when they are fighting


an amount of something that you would expect to have

We've had more than our ration of problems recently. 最近我們遇到的問題很多,超出我們的能力範圍了。

rationverb [ T ]

uk /ˈræʃ.ən/ us /ˈræʃ.ən/

to limit the amount of a particular thing that someone is allowed to have

Do you remember when petrol was rationed to five gallons a week? 你還記得以前每週配給五加侖汽油的時候嗎?
My children would watch television all day long, but I ration it. 要不是我加以限制,孩子們會整天整天地看電視。

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