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UK usually rationalise uk /ˈræʃ.ən.əl.aɪz/ us /ˈræʃ.ən.əl.aɪz/

rationalize verb (EXPLAIN)

[ T ] to try to find reasons to explain your behaviour, decisions, etc.

She rationalized the cost by saying that an expensive carpet would last longer than a cheaper one. 她解釋說那些花費是合理的,理由是她買的地毯雖然很貴,但要比便宜貨耐用。

rationalize verb (CHANGE)

[ I or T ] to make a company, way of working, etc. more effective, usually by combining or stopping particular activities, or (of a company, way of working, etc.) to become more effective in this way

We rationalized the production system so that one operator could control all three machines. 我們對生産系統進行了優化組合,這樣一來,一個人可以操控三台機器。
The recession is forcing the company to rationalize. 經濟衰退促使公司進行合理化改革。

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