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UK usually realise uk /ˈrɪə.laɪz/ us /ˈriː.ə.laɪz/

realize verb (BECOME AWARE)

B1 [ I or T ] to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly

They didn't realize the danger they were in. 他們沒有意識到自己身處危險之中。
[ + (that) ] "Do you realize (that) this is the third time you've forgotten?" she said angrily. 「你知不知道這已經是你第三次忘記這件事了?」她生氣地說。
[ + question word ] I realize how difficult it's going to be, but we must try. 我知道這有多困難,但我們必須試一試。
As he watched the TV show, he suddenly realized (that) he'd seen it before. 他在看那部電視劇的時候,忽然意識到以前曾看過。
"You're standing on my foot." "Sorry, I didn't realize." 「你踩我腳了。」「對不起,我沒注意。」

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realize verb (ACHIEVE)

C1 [ T ] to achieve something you were hoping for

Lots of money, a luxury house, a fast car - Danny had realized all his ambitions by the age of 25. 钜款、豪宅、跑車——丹尼所有的願望都在25歲前實現了。
sb's worst fears are realized [ T ]

used for saying that something that someone was worrying about really happened

Ten years later her worst fears were realized. 十年後,她最害怕的事情發生了。

realize verb (MONEY)

specialized finance & economics to be sold for a particular amount of money

The paintings are expected to realize $500,000 each. 預期這些畫每幅價值500,000英鎊。
realize assets

to sell property in order to get some money

He had to realize all his assets to pay off his debts. 他變賣了所有的資産來還債。

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