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uk /rɪˈflek.ʃən/ us /rɪˈflek.ʃən/

reflection noun (IMAGE)

B2 [ C or U ] the image of something in a mirror or on any reflective surface

In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. 希臘神話中的那喀索斯愛上了自己在水池中的倒影。
He put silver foil around the fire to increase heat reflection. 他用銀箔圍住火爐來增加熱的反射。

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reflection noun (SIGN)

C1 [ C usually singular ] a sign or result of something

The fact that soldiers are on the streets is a reflection of how terrified the government is. 街頭部署了士兵,這一情況顯示出政府是多麽驚恐。

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reflection noun (THOUGHT)

C2 [ C or U ] formal serious and careful thought

On reflection (= after considering it), I decided I had been wrong. 經過審慎的思考,我認定以前是我錯了。
After 30 years as a judge, her reflections on/about justice were well worth listening to. 她當了30年法官,所以她對司法制度的意見很值得一聽。
a reflection on sb/sth

something that makes other people have a particular opinion about someone or something, especially a bad opinion

Low test scores are a sad reflection on our school system. 學生考分低,這使我們學校的體制遭受非議。

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