Translation of "regard" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T usually + adv/prep ] uk us /rɪˈɡɑːd/ US  /-ˈɡɑːrd/

to consider or have an opinion about something or someone

Local people regard this idea of a motorway through their village with horror. 當地居民對修建橫穿他們村莊的高速公路這一計劃感到惶惶不可終日。
Her parents always regarded her as the cleverest of their children. 她父母一貫把她看作是所有子女中最聰明的。

formal to look carefully at something or someone

The bird regarded me with suspicion as I walked up to its nest. 我走向鳥巢的時候,那隻鳥懷疑地注視著我。
as regards formal

in connection with

There is no problem as regards the financial arrangements. 資金籌備方面毫無問題。

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