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remedynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈrem.ə.di/ us /ˈrem.ə.di/

B2 a successful way of curing an illness or dealing with a problem or difficulty

an effective herbal remedy for headaches 用草藥治療頭痛的有效療法
The best remedy for grief is hard work. 排解憂傷的最好辦法就是努力工作。
legal remedy specialized

a way of solving a problem or ordering someone to make a payment for harm or damage they have caused, using a decision made in a law court

We have exhausted all possible legal remedies for this injustice. 為了糾正這一不公正的行為,我們已經採取了一切法律手段。

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remedyverb [ T ]

uk /ˈrem.ə.di/ us /ˈrem.ə.di/ formal

to do something to correct or improve something that is wrong

This mistake must be remedied immediately. 這一錯誤必須立即予以糾正。

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