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repairverb [ T ]

uk /rɪˈpeər/ us /rɪˈper/

A2 to put something that is damaged, broken, or not working correctly, back into good condition or make it work again

to repair (the surface of) the road 修路(面)
to repair a roof after a storm 暴風雨後修理房頂
The garage said the car was so old it wasn't worth repairing. 修車廠的人說這輛車太舊,不值得修了。
I really must get my bike repaired this weekend. 這個週末我真得修修腳踏車了。

C2 If you repair something wrong or harmful that has been done, you do something to make it right.

to repair a broken friendship 修復破裂的友情
Is it too late to repair the damage we have done to our planet? 現在採取措施挽回我們對地球所造成的破壞已為時太晚了嗎?

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Phrasal verb(s)

repairnoun [ C or U ]

uk /rɪˈpeər/ us /rɪˈper/

B1 the act of fixing something that is broken or damaged

My car is in the garage for repairs. 我的車正放在修車廠裡維修。
The repairs to the roof will be expensive. 修理房頂將會花很多錢。
The mechanic pointed out the repair (= repaired place) on the front of my car. 修車工人給我指出車前部修過的地方。

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