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noun uk /rɪˈzɔːs/ /ˈriː.sɔːs/ us /ˈriː.sɔːrs/ /ˈriː.zɔːrs/

B2 [ C usually plural ] a useful or valuable possession or quality of a country, organization, or person

The country's greatest resource is the dedication of its workers. 這個國家最大的資源就是勞動者的奉獻精神。
Britain's mineral resources include coal and gas deposits. 英國的礦產資源包括石油、煤炭和天然氣。

[ U ] formal for resourcefulness

verb [ T ] uk /rɪˈzɔːs/ /ˈriː.sɔːs/ us /ˈriː.sɔːrs/ /ˈriː.zɔːrs/

to provide an organization or department with money or equipment

The school must be properly resourced with musical instruments and audio equipment. 一定要為這所學校妥善配備樂器和音響設備。
resourced adjective uk /rɪˈzɔːst/ /ˈriː.sɔːst/ us /ˈriː.sɔːrst/ /ˈriː.zɔːrst/

It is widely acknowledged that the welfare system is under-resourced. 社會福利系統資源不足,這是公認的事實。

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