Translation of "retail" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] uk /ˈriː.teɪl/ us /ˈriː.teɪl/

C1 the activity of selling goods to the public, usually in shops

The job is open to applicants with over two years' experience in retail. 這份工作面向有兩年以上零售經驗的求職者。
The clothing company has six retail outlets (= shops) in Perth. 這間服裝公司在澳大利亞東南部地區開設了六家零售店。
$13 off the manufacturer's recommended retail price 比生産商的建議零售價便宜13美元
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verb [ T ] uk /ˈriː.teɪl/ us /ˈriː.teɪl/

to sell goods to the public in shops, on the internet, etc.

The company makes and retails moderately priced sportswear. 這間公司生産和零售價格適中的運動服。
retail at/for sth

to be sold at a particular price

This laptop retails at £850. 這款電腦零售價為650英鎊。
retail adverb uk us

It's much cheaper to buy wholesale than retail. 批發比零售要便宜得多。

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