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uk /rɪŋ/ us /rɪŋ/

ring noun (CIRCLE)

B2 [ C ] a circle of any material, or any group of things or people in a circular shape or arrangement

The game involved throwing metal rings over a stick. 這個遊戲的玩法是扔金屬環套在一根棍子上。
The children sat in a ring around the teacher. 孩子們圍著老師坐成一圈。

A2 [ C ] a circular piece of jewellery worn especially on your finger

He bought her a diamond/emerald, etc. ring (= a ring with a jewel attached to it). 他為她買了一隻鑽石/祖母綠戒指。

[ C ] a group of people who help each other, often secretly and in a way that is to their advantage

a drug ring 販毒團夥
a spy ring 間諜網
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[ C ] US usually element a circular piece of material often made of metal that can be heated in order to be used for cooking

a gas ring 煤氣爐
an electric ring 電熱爐火圈

[ C ] a special area where people perform or compete

a boxing ring 拳擊台
The horses trotted round the ring. 馬繞著圓形表演場小跑。
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rings [ plural ]

two round handles at the ends of two long ropes that hang from the ceiling and are used in gymnastics


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ring noun (PHONE)

A2 [ S ] mainly UK US usually and UK also call the act of making a phone call to someone

I'll give you a ring tomorrow. 明天我會給你打個電話。

ring noun (SOUND)

B2 [ C ] the sound a bell makes

There was a ring at the door. 門鈴響了。
He gave a ring at the door. 他按了一下門鈴。


uk /rɪŋ/ us /rɪŋ/

ring verb (PHONE)

A2 [ I or T ] rang, rung mainly UK US usually and UK also call to make a phone call to someone

I ring home once a week to tell my parents I'm okay. 我每週往家打一次電話向父母報平安。
There's been an accident - can you ring for an ambulance? 出事故了——你能否打電話叫救護車?
The boss rang (in) to say he'll be back at 4.30. 老闆打電話(到辦公室)說他在4點30分回來。
UK I rang round the airlines (= called many of them) to find out the cheapest price. 我給多間航空公司一一打電話,想知道哪一家的機票最便宜。
Why don't you ring (up) Simon and ask him to the party? 你為甚麼不給西蒙打電話請他來參加派對呢?

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ring verb (MAKE SOUND)

B1 [ I or T ] rang, rung to (cause to) make the sound of a bell

The doorbell/phone rang. 門鈴/電話鈴響了。
Anne's alarm clock rang for half an hour before she woke. 安妮的鬧鐘響了半個小時她才醒。
I rang the bell but nobody came to the door. 我按響了門鈴,可是沒有人來開門。
My head is/My ears are still ringing (= are full of a ringing noise) from the sound of the military band. 軍樂隊的樂聲仍然迴盪在我的腦海中/耳際。

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ring verb (CIRCLE)

[ T ] ringed, ringed to surround something

Armed police ringed the hijacked plane. 武裝員警包圍了被劫持的飛機。
The harbour is dangerous - it's ringed by/with rocks and reefs. 這個港口很危險——周圍有很多礁石和暗礁。

UK [ T ] ringed, ringed to draw a circle around something

Students should ring the correct answers in pencil. 學生們應該用鉛筆將正確的答案圈出。

[ T ] ringed, ringed to put a ring on something, especially an animal

We ringed the birds (= put rings around their legs) so that we could identify them later. 我們給鳥腳上戴上環套,以便將來可以辨識出它們。

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