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rivernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈrɪv.ər/ us /ˈrɪv.ɚ/

A1 a natural wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea, a lake, or another river

We sailed slowly down the river. 我們順流而下緩緩航行。

A1 written abbreviation R used before or after the name of a river

the River Thames/Seine/Nile 泰晤士河
the Hudson/Mississippi/Yangzte River
up (the) river

in the opposite direction to the flow of water in the river

We sailed up river. 我們逆流而行。
down (the) river

in the same direction as the flow of water in the river


More examples

  • Changing the course of the river would cause serious environmental damage to the whole valley.
  • Effluents from local factories are finding their way into the river.
  • Several small streams feed into the river near here.
  • We want clean rivers and lakes, where you can swim without risk to your health.
  • They're building new houses by the river.


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