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roundpreposition, adverb

uk /raʊnd/ /raʊnd/ mainly UK US usually around

round preposition, adverb (AROUND)

A2 in a circular direction or position; around

The moon goes round the earth. 月球圍繞地球轉。
We ran round (the outside of the house) to the back, looking for the dog. 我們跑到房子後面去找狗。
The idea has been going round and round in my head all day (= I can't stop thinking about it). 這個想法一整天都縈繞在我心頭。
When one engine stopped, we had to turn round (= turn to face the opposite direction) and fly home. 飛機的一台引擎熄火了,我們不得不掉頭飛回。
He tried to go round the keeper (= move with the football past a goalkeeper) but was forced wide.

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round preposition, adverb (IN ALL PARTS)

B1 in every part of a place, or in various parts of a place

The landlord showed me round (the house). 房主帶我(在房子裡)四處看了看。
I had to go all round town to find a hotel that was open. 我不得不在城中四處尋找還在營業的賓館。
This virus has been going round (the school) (= many people have had it) . 這種病毒(在學校)四處傳播。

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round preposition, adverb (SURROUNDING)

A2 on all or some sides of something

We sat round the fire. 我們圍著火爐坐著。
The house has trees all round. 這座房子四周都是樹。
The pyramid is 50 metres high and 100 metres round (the base). 這座金字塔高50米,底部周長100米。
Everyone for a mile round (= in the area) heard the explosion. 方圓一英里之內的人都聽到了爆炸聲。

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round preposition, adverb (DIRECTION)

A2 in a particular direction

The garden is round the back (of the house). 花園在(房子)後面。
I used to live round (= near) here when I was a child. 我童年時就住在這一帶。
You must come round (to my house) sometime soon. 你找個時間一定(到我家)來坐坐。
UK not standard We're going round (= to) the pub for a quick drink. 我們要去酒館抓緊喝上一杯。

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uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

round adjective (CIRCULAR)

A2 shaped like a ball or circle, or curved

Tennis balls and oranges are round. 網球和橘子是圓的。
a round hole/stone/table/window 圓孔/石/桌/窗
a round face 圓臉
round eyes 圓眼睛

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round adjective (COMPLETE)

(of a number) whole or complete; given to the nearest 1, 10, 100, etc. and not as exact amounts

2.8 to the nearest round number is 3. 與2.8最接近的整數是三。
"I've got 95 bottles here for you." "Could you make it a round hundred, please?" 「我這裡有95瓶給你。」「能不能湊個整數,給100瓶怎麽樣?」

roundnoun [ C ]

uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

round noun [ C ] (GROUP)

C2 a number of things or group of events

Russia and America will hold another round of talks next month. 俄羅斯和美國將在下個月舉行另一輪會談。
When we were young life was just one long round of parties/pleasure. 我們年輕時,生活的內容好像就是一個又一個聚會/一件又一件令人開心的事情。

C2 drinks that you buy for a group of people

It's your turn to buy a round. 該你請大家都喝上一杯了。
He bought a round of drinks to say thank you.

UK a single slice of toast, or a sandwich


UK US route a set of regular visits that you make to a number of places or people, especially in order to take products as part of your job

He has a milk/paper round. 他挨家送奶/報紙。

specialized music a song for several singers, who begin singing one after the other at various points in the song


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round noun [ C ] (COMPETITION PART)

B2 a part of a competition

She was knocked out of the championship in the third round. 她在錦標賽的第三輪被淘汰。

one of the periods of time during a boxing or wrestling match when the competitors are fighting


a complete game in golf


round noun [ C ] (BULLET)

a bullet or other single piece of ammunition

The soldiers had only 20 rounds left. 士兵們只剩下20發子彈了。

roundverb [ T ]

uk /raʊnd/ us /raʊnd/

to go around something

Colin rounded the corner at high speed. 科林急速拐彎。

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