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uk /rʌn/ us /rʌn/ present participle running, past tense ran, past participle run

run verb (GO QUICKLY)

A1 [ I or T ] (of people and some animals) to move along, faster than walking, by taking quick steps in which each foot is lifted before the next foot touches the ground

[ + to infinitive ] The children had to run to keep up with their father. 孩子們得一路跑著才能跟上他們的父親。
I can run a mile in five minutes. 我可以在五分鐘裡跑一英里。
The sheep ran away/off in fright. 羊受驚跑掉了。
A little girl ran up to (= came quickly beside) me, crying for her daddy. 一個小女孩跑到我身邊,哭著讓我替她找爸爸。
In the semi-final she will be running against her nearest rival.
The first two races will be run (= will happen) in 20 minutes. 頭兩個賽跑項目將在20分鐘後舉行。

[ T ] If you run an animal in a race, you cause it to take part.

Thompson Stables are running three horses in the next race. 湯普森賽馬訓練公司將派出三匹馬參加下一場比賽。

[ I + adv/prep ] to go quickly or in a hurry

Would you run to the post office and get me some stamps? 你能不能趕快到郵局給我買一些郵票來?
You don't put on weight when you spend all day running around after small children. 你整天不歇腳地跟在小孩們後面轉是胖不起來的。
run for sth

to run fast in order to get or avoid something

I ran for the bus but it drove off. 我跑著去趕公車,但是車卻開走了。
run on the spot UK US run in place

to move your legs as if running, while you stay in one place

I run on the spot to warm up before I start training. 我在踢足球前原地踏步跑做準備活動。

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run verb (TRAVEL)

B2 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to (cause something to) travel, move, or continue in a particular way

Trains are still running, despite the snow. 儘管下了雪,列車仍在運行。
A bus runs (= goes on a particular route at particular times) three times a day into town. 有一趟公共汽車每天三次開往城裡。
Skis are waxed on the bottom so that they run smoothly over the snow. 滑雪板底部打了蠟,這樣就能在雪上滑得順暢自如。
The route/railway/road runs (= goes) across the border/into Italy/through the mountains. 這條路線/鐵道/公路穿過國界/通向義大利境內/在群山中穿行。
A climbing rose bush runs (= grows) up the side of the door. 一叢攀緣薔薇盤繞在前門上。
There's a beautiful cornice running around/round all the ceilings. 所有的天花板四周都裝飾著漂亮的簷口。
The film runs (= lasts) for two hours. 這齣電影長兩個小時。
The show/course/film runs (= continues) for another week. 演出/課程/電影播放再延續一周。
A magazine subscription usually only runs (= can be used) for one year. 雜誌訂閱期限通常只能是一年。
Buses are running an hour late, because of an earlier accident. 因為先前的一宗車禍,公共汽車的運行晚點一小時。
The truck's brakes failed and it ran (= went) off the road. 卡車刹車失靈,衝出了馬路。
Trains run on rails (= move along on top of them). 火車在鐵軌上行駛。
Electricity is running through (= moving along within) this cable. 電流正通過這條電纜。
An angry muttering ran through (= went through) the crowd. 人群中傳出一陣低沈而憤怒的抱怨聲。
A shiver of fear ran through his (body). 一陣恐懼的戰慄傳遍他全身。
She ran her finger along/down the page/list, looking for her name. 她用手指一行行劃過那張紙/名單尋找自己的名字。
Could you run the tape/film/video back/forwards, please? 你可以把磁帶/電影/錄影帶倒回去/向前快進一下嗎?
Could you possibly run me (= take me in your car) home/to the station? 你能否開車把我送回家/到車站?
He ran (= pushed) his fingers through his hair and looked up at me. 他用手梳攏了一下頭髮,抬頭看我。

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run verb (OPERATE)

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) operate

Keep clear of the machines while they're running. 機器運轉時不要靠近。
The government took desperate measures to keep the economy running. 政府採取孤注一擲的措施來維持經濟的運行。
Do you know how to run this sort of machinery? 你會操作這種機器嗎?
The mechanic asked me to run the engine (= switch it on and allow it to work) for a minute. 修車工人讓我發動引擎轉一分鐘。
They had the new computer system up and running (= working) within an hour. 他們一小時之內就使新的電腦系統運行起來了。
We've run the computer program, but nothing happens. 我們已經運行了這個電腦程式,但是沒有起作用。
We're running (= doing) an experiment. 我們正在做一個試驗。

B1 [ T ] to be in control of something

He's been running a restaurant/his own company since he left school. 他畢業後就一直在經營自己的飯店/公司。
The local college runs (= provides) a course in self-defence. 當地的一所大學開了一門自我防衛課。
a well-run/badly-run organization/business/course 管理良好/不善的組織;經營良好/很差的公司;設置得很好/差的課程
run a tight ship

to control a business or other organization firmly and effectively

Ruth runs a tight ship and has no time for shirkers. 露絲執行有效的嚴格管理,員工沒有辦法開小差。

[ T ] If you run a car, you own one, drive it, and pay for the costs.

I can't afford to run a car. 我養不起車。

[ T ] to organize the way you live or work

Some people run their lives according to the movements of the stars. 一些人按照星體的運行規律來安排自己的生活。

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run verb (FLOW)

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) flow, produce liquid, or (especially of colours in clothes) to come out or spread

I can feel trickles of sweat running down my neck. 我可以感覺到津津汗水順著脖子往下流淌。
Don't cry, or your make-up will run (= become liquid and move down your face). 別哭了,要不然化的妝就要花了。
The walls were running with damp. 牆受潮出現了斑斑漬跡。
The river runs (down) to/into the sea. 這條河流入大海。
The hot tap is running cold (= producing cold water)! 熱水龍頭竟然流出了冷水!
I turned the tap on and ran some cold water on the burn. 我打開水龍頭用涼水沖被燙傷的地方。
[ + two objects ] I'll run you a hot bath (= fill a bath with water for you). 我去給你放洗澡水。
My nose and eyes have been running all week because of hay fever. 我得了枯草熱,一星期都在流鼻涕淌眼淚。
I must have washed my dress at too high a temperature, because the colour has run. 我洗這件裙子時用的水肯定太熱了,因為都褪色了。
If the first layer isn't dry before you add the next one, the colours will run into each other (= mix). 如果第一層沒有幹就塗上第二層,那兩層的顔色就會滲在一起。
figurative After twelve hours at her computer, the words began to run into one another (= seem mixed together). 她在文字處理機前工作了12小時後,看螢幕上的字都覺得模糊一片了。

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run verb (BECOME)

[ L only + adj ] to be or become

Differences between the two sides run deep (= are serious). 雙方的分歧加劇了。
The river/reservoir/well ran dry (= its supply of water finished). 河水/水庫/水井乾涸了。
Supplies are running low (= there's not much left). 儲備所剩無幾了。
We're beginning to run short of money/Money is beginning to run short (= there's not much left). 我們的錢快花完了/錢快花完了。

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run verb (HOLE)

UK also ladder [ I ] If tights (= thin clothing that covers the legs) run, a long, thin hole appears in them.

Oh no, my tights have run! 哎呀,糟了,我的連褲襪抽絲了!

run verb (SHOW)

C1 [ T ] to show something in a newspaper or magazine, on television, etc.

All the newspapers ran (= printed) stories about the new peace talks. 所有報紙都刊登了新和談的消息。
Channel 4 is running a series on the unfairness of the legal system. 第四頻道正在播出揭露法律體體不公正之處的系列節目。

run verb (POLITICS)

[ I ] to compete as a candidate in an election

Mrs Thatcher wanted to run a fourth time. 柴契爾夫人想要第四次參加競選。
He's going to run against Smith/for president/for re-election. 他將要和史密斯進行競選/競選總統/競選連任。

run verb (TAKE)

[ T ] to take guns or drugs illegally from one place to another

He was arrested for running drugs across the border into America. 他因為越境向美國走私毒品而被捕。


uk /rʌn/ us /rʌn/

run noun (GO QUICKLY)

B1 [ C ] the action of running, especially for exercise

We go for/do a three-mile run every evening after work. 我們每天傍晚下班後都會跑上三英里。
If you set off at a run (= running), you'll be exhausted later. 如果你一開始就跑,過些時候你就會筋疲力盡的。

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run noun (TRAVEL)

[ C ] a journey

The number of aircraft on the New York-Moscow run is being increased. 紐約—莫斯科之間的航線正在增加航班。
old-fashioned Let's go for a run (out) in the car somewhere. 讓我們開車到(外面)甚麽地方兜兜風吧。
The plane swooped in on its bombing run. 飛機猛然俯衝下來轟炸。

[ C ] the period during which a play is performed

The musical's London run was a disaster. 該音樂劇在倫敦的演出徹底失敗。
They're doing a run at the Cambridge Playhouse. 他們正在多瑪倉庫劇院主行連續演出。

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run noun (BUY)

[ C usually singular ] a situation in which many people suddenly buy a particular product

There's been a run on umbrellas because of all this rain. 就因為這場雨,大家都在搶購雨傘。

run noun (SELL)

[ C usually singular ] a situation in which many people suddenly sell a particular product

A sudden run on the dollar has lowered its value. 突然出現的拋售導致美元貶值。

run noun (SERIES)

a run of sth

C2 A run of something is a continuous period during which it lasts or is repeated.

a run of successes/defeats/bad luck 一個又一個的成功/一連串的失敗/厄運連連

run noun (ORDINARY)

the general/usual run of sth

the usual type of something

Their food is the general run of hotel cooking. 他們的飯菜是一般賓館飯菜的水準。

run noun (AREA)

[ C ] an area of ground of limited size for keeping animals

a sheep/chicken/hen run 牧羊場/養雞場

run noun (POINT)

B2 [ C ] in cricket and baseball, a single point, scored by running from one place to another

England need 105 runs to win the game. 英格蘭隊需要得到105分才能贏得比賽。
a home run 本壘打

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run noun (HOLE)

UK also ladder [ C ] a long, vertical hole in tights and stockings

I've got a run in my tights from the nail on my chair. 我的連褲襪被椅子上的釘子刮了一下,抽絲了。

run noun (ILLNESS)

the runs informal

a condition of the bowels in which the contents are passed out of the body too often and in a form that is too liquid


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