Translation of "run" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (TRAVEL) 行進 uk us /rʌn/

a journey

The number of aircraft on the New York-Moscow run is being increased. 紐約—莫斯科之間的航線正在增加航班。
old-fashioned Let's go for a run (out) in the car somewhere. 讓我們開車到(外面)甚麽地方兜兜風吧。
The plane swooped in on its bombing run. 飛機猛然俯衝下來轟炸。

the period during which a play is performed

The musical's London run was a disaster. 該音樂劇在倫敦的演出徹底失敗。
They're doing a run at the Donmar Warehouse. 他們正在多瑪倉庫劇院主行連續演出。

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