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uk /seɪk/ us /seɪk/

sake noun (HELP)

for the sake of sb/for sb's sake

More examples

B2 in order to help or bring advantage to someone

Please do it, for David's sake. 爲了戴維,請做這件事。
Their parents only stayed together for the sake of the children. 他們的父母僅僅是爲了孩子才沒有分居。
I hope for both our sakes that you're right! 爲了你我著想,我希望你是對的!

sake noun (REASON)

for the sake of sth/for sth's sake

because of, or for the purpose of something

Let's not disagree for the sake of (= because of) a few dollars. 我們不要因爲幾英鎊鬧彆扭。
Let's say, just for the sake of argument/for argument's sake (= for the purpose of this discussion), that prices rise by three percent this year. 爲了便於討論,我們假設今年的價格上漲3%。
You're only arguing for the sake of arguing (= because you like arguing). 你只是爲爭論而爭論。

sake noun (EMPHASIS)

for goodness', God's, Pete's, heaven's, etc. sake

used to emphasize requests or orders when you are angry or have lost patience

For goodness' sake don't let her know I told you! 行行好,千萬別讓她知道是我告訴你的!

sakenoun [ C or U ]

also saki uk /ˈsɑː.ki/ us /ˈsɑː.ki/

a Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice and usually drunk warm


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