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uk /səˈluːt/ us /səˈluːt/

salute verb (SHOW RESPECT)

[ I or T ] (especially of people in the armed forces) to make a formal sign of respect to someone, especially by raising the right hand to the side of the head

Whenever you see an officer, you must salute. 只要見到軍官就必須敬禮。
The soldiers saluted the colonel. 士兵們向上校敬禮。

salute verb (PRAISE)

[ T ] formal to honour or express admiration publicly for a person or an achievement

On this memorable occasion we salute the wonderful work done by the association. 在這個難忘的時刻,我們對協會出色的成就表示讚揚。
We salute you for your courage and determination. 我們對你的勇氣和決心致敬。

salutenoun [ C ]

uk /səˈluːt/ us /səˈluːt/

salute noun [ C ] (SHOW OF RESPECT)

a sign of respect made to someone by raising the right hand to the side of the head

The soldier gave a salute and the officer returned it. 士兵向軍官敬禮,軍官回禮。

an action, such as firing a gun, done to show respect to someone

Full military honours and a 21-gun salute (= 21 guns fired at the same time) marked his funeral. 他的葬禮是最高規格的軍葬禮,鳴21響禮炮。

salute noun [ C ] (PRAISE)

an action or sign to honour or show your admiration for a person or achievement



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