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samplenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈsɑːm.pəl/ us /ˈsæm.pəl/

sample noun [ C ] (SMALL AMOUNT)

B2 a small amount of something that shows you what the rest is or should be like

a free sample of shampoo 免費的洗髮精試用包
samples of carpet/curtain material 地毯/窗簾材料的樣品
Please bring some samples of your work to the interview. 請帶一些你的作品範本去面試。

C2 a small amount of a substance that a doctor or scientist collects in order to examine it

a blood/urine sample 血液/尿液樣本

B2 a group of people or things that is chosen out of a larger number and is asked questions or tested in order to get information about the larger group

a random sample of voters 選民隨機抽樣
a nationally representative sample of 200 schools 具有全國代表性的200個學校樣本

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sample noun [ C ] (MUSIC)

a small part of a song that has been recorded and used to make a new piece of music


sampleverb [ T ]

uk /ˈsɑːm.pəl/ us /ˈsæm.pəl/

sample verb [ T ] (SMALL AMOUNT)

to taste a small amount of food or drink to decide if you like it

As the food looked so good, he decided to sample a little from each dish. 這些食物看起來很誘人,於是他決定每樣菜都嚐一點。

C2 to experience a place or an activity, often for the first time

So you're going to sample the delights/pleasures of the new restaurant? 那麽你要去體驗一下在那家新餐廳用餐的樂趣了?

sample verb [ T ] (MUSIC)

specialized music to record part of a song and use the recording to make a new piece of music

This song has been heavily sampled. 這首歌的片段頻繁地出現在新曲中。

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