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uk /ˈsæŋk.ʃən/ us /ˈsæŋk.ʃən/

sanction noun (ORDER)

[ C usually plural ] an official order, such as the stopping of trade, that is taken against a country in order to make it obey international law

Many nations have imposed sanctions on the country because of its attacks on its own people. 由於該國發生了對本國人民施暴,許多國家都對它進行制裁。
Trade/economic sanctions will only be lifted (= stopped) when the aggressor nation withdraws its troops. 只有侵略國撤軍,貿易/經濟制裁才會解除。

C2 [ C ] a strong action taken in order to make people obey a law or rule, or a punishment given when they do not obey

Without realistic sanctions, some teachers have difficulty keeping order in the classroom. 沒有切實可行的處罰措施,有些教師難以維持課堂秩序。

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sanction noun (APPROVAL)

[ U ] approval or permission, especially formal or legal

They tried to get official sanction for the plans. 他們想使計劃獲得正式批准。

sanctionverb [ T ]

uk /ˈsæŋk.ʃən/ us /ˈsæŋk.ʃən/

to formally give permission for something

The government was reluctant to sanction intervention in the crisis. 政府不願意批准對危機加以幹預。

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