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schemenoun [ C ]

uk /skiːm/ us /skiːm/

an organized plan for doing something, especially something dishonest or illegal that will bring a good result for you

He has a hare-brained/crazy scheme for getting rich before he's 20. 他有一個輕率的/瘋狂的/愚蠢的計劃,好讓自己在20歲前致富。

B2 mainly UK an officially organized plan or system

Under the current marking/mark scheme, you need 90 percent to get an A.
a training/housing/play scheme 訓練/住房/娛樂活動方案
a pension/savings scheme 養老金/儲蓄金計劃
There's a new scheme in our town for recycling plastic bottles. 我們鎮上有一個回收利用塑膠瓶的新計劃。
Class sizes will increase under the new scheme. 按照新的設計,班級規模將擴大。

More examples

schemeverb [ I or T ]

uk /skiːm/ us /skiːm/ disapproving

to make clever, secret plans that often deceive others

All her assistants were scheming against her. 她所有的大臣都在密謀策反。
[ + to infinitive ] For months he had been scheming to prevent her from getting the top job. 數月以來,他一直在密謀阻止她得到這個最高職位。

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