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screennoun [ C ]

uk /skriːn/ us /skriːn/

screen noun [ C ] (PICTURE)

A2 a flat surface in a cinema, on a television, or as part of a computer, on which pictures or words are shown

Our television has a 19-inch screen. 我們的電視螢幕是19吋的。
Coming to your screens (= cinemas) shortly, "The Adventures of Robin Hood". 請馬上來電影院欣賞「羅賓漢」的神奇冒險吧。
Her ambition is to write for the screen (= for television and films). 她的理想是給電影、電視寫劇本。
Write the letter on the computer, then you can make changes easily on screen. 用電腦寫信,你可以很輕易地在螢幕上作修改。
the small screen


He's made several films for the small screen. 他已經製作了好幾部電視電影。
the big screen


So this is your first appearance on the big screen? 這是你第一次拍電影,是嗎?

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screen noun [ C ] (SEPARATING)

a vertical structure that is used to separate one area from another, especially to hide something or to protect you from something unpleasant or dangerous

The nurse pulled a screen around the bed so that the doctor could examine the patient in private. 護士在病人床邊拉上了屏風,使醫生可以單獨爲病人檢查。
A screen of trees at the bottom of the garden hid the ugly factory walls. 花園盡頭的一排樹木把工廠難看的外牆遮住了。

mainly US an activity that is not dangerous or illegal but is used to hide something that is

That café's just a screen for their criminal activities. 那家咖啡館不過是作為他們犯罪活動的掩護。

screenverb [ T ]

uk /skriːn/ us /skriːn/

screen verb [ T ] (EXAMINE)

to test or examine someone or something to discover if there is anything wrong with him, her, or it

Women over 50 should be screened for breast cancer. 所有50歲以上的婦女都要作乳癌篩檢。
Completely unsuitable candidates were screened out (= tested and refused) at the first interview. 完全不合格的求職者在第一輪面試時就被篩選掉了。
screen your calls

to delay your decision to answer the phone until you know who is calling you

I always screen my calls while I'm eating dinner. 吃晚飯的時候有電話我總是先看來電顯示再決定是否接聽。

screen verb [ T ] (PICTURE)

to show or broadcast a film or television programme

The programme was not screened on British television. 這個節目沒有在英國電視上播出過。

screen verb [ T ] (PROTECT)

to protect or hide

She raised her hand to screen her eyes from the bright light. 她抬手遮住耀眼的亮光。

mainly US to protect someone by taking the blame yourself

The husband says he's the murderer but we think it was his wife - he's just screening her. 丈夫說自己是兇手,但我們認爲他妻子才是兇手——他只是在替她掩飾。

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