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uk /siːt/ us /siːt/

seat noun (FURNITURE)

A2 [ C ] a piece of furniture or part of a train, plane, etc. that has been designed for someone to sit on

座位; 座椅
Chairs, sofas and benches are different types of seat. 椅子、凳子、沙發和長凳是不同類型的座椅。
Please have/take a seat (= sit down). 請坐。
A car usually has a driver's seat, a front/passenger seat and back/rear seats. 小轎車通常有一個駕駛座、一個前座/客座和幾個後排座。
My ticket says 22D but there's already someone in (= sitting on) that seat. 我的票是22D,但已經有人佔了那個位子。
Is this seat free/taken (= is anyone using it)? 這個位子有人嗎?
Would you keep (= stop anyone else from sitting in) my seat (for me) while I go get some food? 我去餐車時,你能否幫我看著我的座位?
formal Please stay in/keep your seats (= stay sitting down) until asked to leave. 沒叫你們離開之前請不要離開座位。
Could I book/reserve two seats (= arrange for them to be officially kept for me) for tomorrow evening's performance? 我可以預約兩張明晚演出的票嗎?

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seat noun (BOTTOM PART)

[ C usually singular ] the part of a piece of furniture or clothing on which a person sits

I've spilled some coffee on the seat of the armchair. 我不小心把咖啡灑在扶手椅的椅面上。
The seat of those trousers looks a little tight. Do you want to try a larger size? 那條褲子的臀部有點緊,先生——你看要不要試大一號的?

seat noun (POSITION)

C2 [ C ] an official position as a politician or member of a group of people who control something

She has a seat on the board of directors. 她是董事會成員。
He is expected to lose his seat on the city council in next month's elections. 在下個月的選舉中,他可能會失去自己在理事會的席位。
She won her seat in Parliament in 2004. 她在1979年當選議員。
He has a very safe seat (= a position that is very unlikely to be lost in an election). 他(在選舉中)能夠穩保席位。

seat noun (BASE)

[ C ] a place that acts as a base or centre for an important activity

The seat of government in the US is in Washington, DC. 美國政府所在地是華盛頓。
St Petersburg was the seat of the Russian Revolution. 聖彼得堡是俄國革命的中心。


uk /siːt/ us /siːt/

[ T + adv/prep ] to arrange for someone to have a particular seat

The waiter greeted me with a big smile and seated us by the window. 服務員笑容滿面地招呼我,並安排我們在窗邊坐下。
seat yourself [ usually + adv/prep ]

to sit somewhere

"I'm so glad to see you!" she said, seating herself between Eleanor and Marianne. 「見到你們真是太高興了!」她邊說邊在埃莉諾和瑪麗安娜中間坐了下來。

C2 [ T not continuous ] (of a building, room, table, or vehicle) to have enough seats for the stated number of people

The new concert hall seats 1,500 people. 新音樂廳可容納1500人。


uk / -siːt/ us / -siːt/

with enough seats for the particular number of people

a 2,000-seat theatre 有2000個座位的劇院

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